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  • Grace O'Hare

It is time!

Heyo everyone! I'm happy to say I can finally bring the good news you've all been waiting for. My book, The Moth and the Bear, will be up on the Kindle store this Friday, April 15th, priced at $2.99. After years of work it will finally be available for readers everywhere! Whoo!

For those few who read the rough draft of the story on DeviantArt when it was available, I can assure you this iteration is much better. The majority of the original content is still there (though edited, obviously), but with about 28% more words. Snippets of new world-building make up a small fraction of this new content, but the majority of it consists of scenes that were either brushed over in the original draft or are brand new. So, to be short: if you liked the original draft, you're going to want to buy this! You'll like it!

So what about new people, you ask? Curious about content? Wondering about word count? Worry no more! While avoiding spoilers, here are some quick answers to what I suspect will be your most frequently asked questions:

Who is this book’s audience?

I wrote this story to entertain myself first and foremost, so I suspect its largest audience will be like me: teenagers and young adults fond of high fantasy, and in particular high fantasy involving giant, monstrous characters.

How long is this story?

At a total of almost 60,000 words, this book is a somewhat quick read. It lacks filler and follows a small cast of characters.

Is this going to be a series?

Absolutely! I’m already most of the way through the rough draft of a sequel, and I have plans for at least one more sequel after that. I also have plans for more unrelated books set in the same world, but in completely different settings and time periods.

Is there cursing?

Mildly, with a few instances of PG-13 language. In context, these brief swears are used by characters to express strong emotions. There are also a variety of other made-up curses that have been created for the book’s setting, having to do with various in-story religions. These are implied to be offensive to other characters.

Is there sexuality?

No. There are no mentions of sex, and very few mentions of romantic relationships. Some characters refer to romantic partners as “mates,” but this is only in passing.

Is there violence?

Yes, though not graphic violence. A character undergoes traumatic experiences at the hands of other characters. There are high stakes, threats of violence, and dramatic moments. The main character spends most of the story in a very high-stress situation.

So in conclusion: Be excited! My book will be available for purchase this Friday!

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