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Kaelin Belka, the only daughter of her village’s late blacksmith, is kidnapped by a family of giant bear people as part of a coming-of-age tradition for their youngest son, Ruyak. Kaelin tries her best to keep her chin up despite the circumstances, but her captor isn’t easy to get along with, and not just because he’s being constantly tormented by his pushy older brothers. As it turns out, the whole tradition has quite a dark side, and all the skill and charm in the world may not be enough to save Kaelin from her fate.

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Kaelin Belka’s blacksmith father has been missing for many years, but she believes he may be alive somewhere and is determined to find him. She'll need the help of Ruyak, whose older sister may hold the secret. However, as Kaelin waits for her friend to make an appearance, things in her village become more uncertain by the day. As Kaelin struggles with the pitfalls of village life, she finds just as many obstacles rising within her own mind. If and when Ruyak finally comes to meet her, it may be to find her in pieces.

As tangled webs become ever more treacherous, and dark secrets find their way into the light, Kaelin will need to discover for herself the boundaries of her beliefs, her willpower, and her trust.


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